Delta Automation Course Module- PLC, HMI, VFD and Servo Drive

Delta Automation Course Module- PLC, HMI, VFD and Servo Drive


160+ Lectures to Learn Delta PLC, HMI, Analog Cards, Encoder, AC Drives -Wiring, Programming and Integration

πŸ—’οΈ Introduction

This combo includes the following specific modules which are ideal for engineers who wants toΒ learn only Delta related controllers - PLC, VFD and AC Drives.

Following are the modules covered in this combo:

  • Delta PLC Lessons - DVP 14SS
  • Delta HMI- ASDB B Series- Interfacing with Delta PLC
  • Delta VFD - M Series interfaces with Analog Input/Output Cards (DVP 04AD and DVP 04DA)
  • Delta AC Servo Drive - ASDB B Series interfaced with DVP 12SA

After learning this bundled package you would be able to:

  • Program the Delta PLC controller in ladder logic
  • Wire the PLC controller with sensors and actuators and would be able to make wiring diagrams
  • Integrate AC drives (VFD and Servo), HMI with controller to visualize various parameters of controllers.

πŸ“š Curriculum

Understanding Controllers

Course Content

Delta DVP 14SS PLC

Course Content

PLC Application Projects

Course Content

Analog Input/Output Cards

Course Content

Human Machine Interface

Course Content

Advanced AC Drive - Understanding Delta VFD M Series

Course Content

Understanding Encoders with PLC

Course Content

Advanced AC Drive - Servo- ASDB Delta B Series

Course Content

Stepper Drive Integration with Delta PLC

Course Content

Course completion Certificate

Finish the course with a course completion certificate which can be downloaded instantly after 100% course completion


πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Hardware & Software

The following is the recommended hardware and software to use along with this course:


Delta 14SS PLC
Recommends to buy DVP 12SE (Ethernet) instead of DVP 14SS
Delta 14SA PLC
Used to give high speed output to Servo drives
Delta 04AD and 04DA Analog cards
You can also buy DVP 10SX PLC which has built in analog inputs and outputs
Delta VFD M Series
Delta ASDB B Series Servo
Delta B Series HMI
Check out the new version HMI with Ethernet ports. These HMI can be viewed remotely over the Ethernet
Stepper drive
WPL Soft
PLC Programming software. You can also use ISP Soft which is the newer version

Check the web-links for hardware and software at this page

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πŸ“š Resources


The students get access to all the presentation, project and PLC codes used in the lessons.

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