MQTT with Node-RED

MQTT with Node-RED


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🗒️ Introduction

Finally coming to the end of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) course journey. Introducing you MQTT - Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, a very light weight communication protocol to share the information in the local/cloud network

In this course, you will learn how to build MQTT connection between various hardware and software.

You will use MQTT locally and in the cloud


📚 Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to MQTT

Course Content
  • What is MQTT
  • Hardware/Software requirement

Section 2: Sharing data between MQTT Broker and Clients

Course Content
  • Interaction of MQTT Client in Node-RED with the Broker
  • Opening/Forwarding port 1883
  • Interaction of MQTT Client in an Android device with the Broker
  • Interaction of MQTT Client in an iOS device with the Broker
  • Interaction of MQTT Client in a Windows platform with the Broker
  • How to store MQTT clients in MySQL and display on the UI
  • Understanding the importance of the 'Will' topic and message

Section 3: Moving data from PLC to MQTT Broker and Clients

Course Content
  • Move PLC data to the MQTT Broker via Node-RED (Computer)

Section 4: Moving data from PLC to the MQTT Broker in Edge Device i.e. Raspberry pi

Course Content
  • Understanding mini Edge device - Raspberry pi
  • Moving PLC Value to the MQTT Broker
  • Publishing MQTT values to PLC

Section 5: Moving data from multiple PLC's to MQTT Broker located in the edge device i.e Raspberry pi

Course Content
  • Reading Delta PLC value in Raspberry pi via MQTT
  • Writing MQTT values via Raspberry pi to Delta PLC
  • Moving data between Delta PLC, Siemens PLC and PLCnext via MQTT

Section 6: Control 'Shelly' WiFI Relay via MQTT

Course Content
  • Controlling 'Shelly' WiFi Relay via MQTT (Windows)
  • Controlling 'Shelly' WiFi Relay via S7-1200 (OPC UA)
  • Controlling 'Shelly' WiFi Relay via S7-1200 (MQTT)

Section 7: MQTT Broker in the Cloud

Course Content
  • Understanding Mosquitto MQTT Broker
  • Using Mosquitto MQTT Broker to share PLC information
  • Sending data to the IBM cloud
  • Receiving data from the IBM cloud
  • Creating a visual dashboard on the IoT platform
  • Visualizing factory data on Node-RED UI installed in the server


👨🏻‍💻 Hardware & Software

The following is the recommended hardware and software to use along with this course:


Computer or Laptop
Well, I hope you would be having it 😎. You can also practice the whole course on Raspberry Pi or any other linux device
Raspberry Pi
Optional but recommended. Buy it along with some sensors to play with real-time data
Any PLC that supports MODBUS or OPC UA
If you do not have PLC, you can also use your simulated values in Node-RED or TIA Portal with PLCSIM and Net2PLC to interact with MQTT Broker and Client
An open-source software
Mobile app
iOS app to use as MQTT Client
Mobile app
Android app to use as MQTT Client
Windows app to use as MQTT Client

Check the web-links for hardware and software at this page

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📚 Resources


The students get access to all the presentation, project and Node-RED code used in the lessons. Following are the preview of some of the lessons

List of available presentations

Learn MQTT with Node-RED

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