PLCnext with IIoT

PLCnext with IIoT


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πŸ“™ Introduction

You might have programmed many PLCs, HMI's, or IIoT devices. But have you ever come across a device that combines all of these in one technology?

A device with a Linux operating system inside that allows the user to link other devices via MQTT, OPC UA, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, SNTP, etc.

It comes with free programming software and allows to install Node-RED to expand the communication capabilities to various cloud platform like IBM and Microsoft Azure.

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πŸ“š Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to PLCnext

Course Content

Section 2: HMI in PLCnext

Course Content

Section 3: Interfacing PLCnext with Raspberry pi via OPC UA and MQTT

Course Content

Section 4: PLCnext with IBM Cloud

Course Content


πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Hardware & Software

The following is the recommended hardware and software to use along with this course:


Recommended to purchase to practice along with the course. However, if you do not have a PLC, you can still perform most of IIoT part on your computer
PLCnext Engineering
This is a free software from Phoenix Contact
An open-source software for IIoT tools interfacing

Check the web-links for hardware and software at this page

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πŸ“š Resources

The following are the presentation which are prepared by the man of IIoT - Dave Eifert from Phoenix Contact. These are extremely helpful as a reference guide.

πŸ›’ Get your own PLCnext


This is not the end, more lessons are coming with theΒ PLCnext AXC F 3152Β controller which is more powerful, faster and smarter.