PLC Exercises - Part 1
In this page, you will find PLC exercises to practice with any PLC of your choice. Feel free to offer solutions at [email protected]
You can use these exercises for any PLC of your choice. These are generic exercise to practice PLC programming in LD, FBD or SCL
  • Image Micro850 PLC, Codesys, PLCnext
  • IN0, IN1.. are referred to the inputs of PLC
  • OUT0, OUt1 .. are referred to the outputs of PLC
  • M0, M1 .. are referred to the memory bits of the PLc

The following exercises are to practice your bit level instructions
1.1 Write a program to actuate:
  • OUT0 when IN0 is TRUE
  • OUT1 when IN0 is FALSE
1.2 Write a program to latch the OUT0 using IN0 in case when:
  • IN0 is connected to NO push button
  • IN0 is connected to NC push button
1.3 Write a program to unlatch the above circuit using IN1 in case when:
  • IN1 is connected to NO push button
  • IN1 is connected to NC push buttton
1.4 Write an interlock program with IN0, IN1, OUT0, OUT1 such that:
  • IN0 latch OUT0 and unlatch OUT1
  • IN1 latch OUT1 and unlatch OUT0
  • When both IN0 and IN1 are pressed, both outputs should be unlatched
1.5 Write a program such that:
  • With rising edge of IN0, OUT0 is latched
  • With falling edge of IN1, OUT0 is unlatched
1.6 Write a program to detect the standing bottles on the conveyor and pushing the fallen bottles and push them on the box: Consider X0 and X1 as input (NO) and Y0 as output
1.7 Write a program to set up a lighting system for users to switch on/off the light whether they are at the bottom or the top of the stairs
1.8 Write a PLC program such that to control the running state of the ceiling-fan by pressing START and STOP. Checking if the ceiling-fan is running normally by pressing TEST.
  • To be continued
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