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Code and Compile Wiki

This wiki has all the content required to practice our courses.

Welcome aboard!

This is the wiki from Code and Compile which has all the documentation you need if you are enrolled in Code and Compile E-Learning school.
💡 This is a beta version. Information stored in Wiki is published from Code and Compile which may have errors. Feel free to 📧 us at [email protected] for any corrections.
E-Learning Platform
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🕵️‍♂️Wondering where to Start?

Check out this free guide where you will find the learning path to our courses
Looking for some free content 👩‍💻? Check out our YouTube with 100+ free videos on PLC, HMI, Factory Automation, SCADA, IIoT, etc.
If you speak or understand Hindi, then check out this YouTube channel where you will find 100+ PLC videos on Delta electronics.
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What you will find here?

The intention of this wiki is to provide a one-stop platform to help you with your journey to Industrial Automation and IIoT. The internet is filled with information but sometimes it is challenging to find structured information. This wiki would be one of your best solutions.
You will find the resource material related to the following topics:
Factory Automation
AC Drives
Digital Twin
The list is not limited and will be updated every week. Feel free to share your ideas 💻 💡

How to use this wiki?

Use this wiki as a reference for all the courses of Code and Compile
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    This wiki is 100% free to use. 😍
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    On the left navigation you will find related topics. Just simpley click on the topic of your interest
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    If you like to contribute to this wiki, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Code samples

The text in the following format is an example of code which you can use directly by copying it.
var a = 1;
while (a <= 10) {
document.write(a + "<br />");
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