๐Ÿ“น05- Connecting OT with IT using Bosch DeviceBridge app

Bosch rexroth

In this video, you will learn how to bridge OT and IT using Bosch DeviceBridger app. The following are the topics covered in the video:

Video Timeline:

0:00 - Introduction 0:20 Why to bridge IT and OT? 1:05 - Bosch Device Bridge app 3:18 - Example 1: Collect data from Delta PLC via MODBUS TCP/IP 8:15 - Add business model to create an alert 8:15 - Add business model to create an alert 13:30 - Collect data from S7-1500 PLC via S7 Connection 18:20 - Add business model in CSharp to write back data to Siemens PLC 22:45 - Move data from Delta PLC to Siemens PLC using CSharp 23:00 - Adding a conveter to scale the values 30:00 - Collect 2 PLCs data and moce to the ctrlX CORE Data Layer 33:27 - Read the data from the ctrlX Data Layer on the Node-RED 35:35 - Adding a routing 36:25 - Adding a Service Container and Publishing the project 38:25 - Example 2: Collect the data from S7-1500 via OPC UA 42:40 - Collect the data from Raspberry PI via MQTT 46:50 - Adding data model 44:45 - Send the data to Qubitro Cloud via MQTT 51:07 - Send the data to Mondo Database (Cloud) via TCP/IP 59:59 - Outroduction

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