💻 In this page, you will find all the available resources for the course Factory Automation using PLC.

⚙ Download the software

The software used in this course is FACTORY I/O which you can download from the link here:Hardware and Software. The software is available for 30 days trial period and if you want to extend the license, you can order here for as low as 15€/month.
Code and Compile
Weblink to order your software license

💻 Online Course

If you are not enrolled in the Factory Automation using PLC course then join at

✅ FACTORY IO Scene and CONTROL IO program

In the following page, you will find the solutions for the tasks which are solved in the E-Learning course. In the solution, you will find the FACTORY IO scene and CONTROL IO program. You must open them together to start the simulation
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More information

Check the online documentation of FACTORY IO at this page Books and Guideswhere you will learn how to integrate various PLCs or SoftPLCs with FACTORY IO.