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My experience with PLCnext

Back in 2020, I was contacted by Director of Marketing, Phoenix Contant Ira Sharp about testing a new product which has revolutionized the way we see PLC. That product was PLCnext AXC F 2132. Before working on PLCnext, I was working extensively on Siemens S7-1200, S7-1500 PLCs. And to make dashboard for my application I install Node-RED on the computer to link it further with Siemens PLCs via OPC UA. It was working great but its not always nice to carry a compuer just for the dashboard.

Here comes PLCnext which solves this problem. PLCnext comes with Linux architecture which supports all the Linux based application. This means, I can install Node-RED in the PLCnext and communicate with the PLC internally using OPC UA layer without needing any extra computer. Its not only just Node-RED, you can install various applications like MySQL, MQTT, Python and many more. You find it interesting?

Unboxing video

Check out the complete playlist on PLCnext starting from scratch:

PLCnext Simulation

Do you know, you can learn PLC progrmaming without need of a hardware. PLCnext Engineering supports PLC simulation for AXC F 2132 PLC for free. Learn more about that here

Online Course

Learn more about this PLC here or check out my free course on PLCnext in the link below:


โค Shout out to Dave for creating the presentation on PLCnext

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